Come Home To Yourself

Your path to transformation and Self-discovery awaits

Awaken the Healing Energy Within

In these uncertain times, one thing is constant: 24/7 distraction and temptation. The prevailing message is that we are not enough. Over and over, we are promised that what we need is more: more "likes", drinks, hits, friends, lovers, sugar, drugs, etc. And yet, the hole never fills.

What if you already are all that you seek?  

At SriPonya Collective, we believe that compulsive behavior and addiction can often be a gateway to enlightenment and self-discovery. As author Ryan Holiday writes, “The obstacle is the way.” 

We also believe that being surrounded by a like-minded, heart-centered community is essential to breaking the habits that hold us back from feeling whole exactly as we are.

Rumi said it best, “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

Wisdom Traditions Unite: A Fusion of Ancient Practices & Lived Experience  

In Sanskrit, "Sri" means "beautiful" and "Ponya" in Swahili means "cure" or "healing." This concept is the backbone of our non-profit organization. We have worked with local and indigenous leaders to create a healing framework that honors the ancient traditions of our human ancestors. Our groups, courses, and events incorporate this timeless wisdom with modern-day practices to bring you closer to your own sacred truth. 

The SriPonya Collective's latest offering is called The Beauty Way. The Beauty Way is an online course for those who seek to go deeper into themselves. 

During The Beauty Way's nine-week course, we will draw upon the healing principles of:

  • Generative Somatics (experiential exercises) 

  • Sangha (loving community)

  • Buddha (mindfulness and meditation)

  • The Twelve Steps (skillful action)

  • Dharma (our soul's purpose) 

  • Sufi mysticism (alignment with the divine)

  • Bhakti yoga (devotional practices)

  • and other wisdom traditions.  

We fuse these concepts together with our own lived experience of addiction and trauma recovery, which heavily focuses on personal growth and long-term well-being. The Beauty Way intends to bring mind, body, heart, and soul back into coherence. 

The aim is to empower and amplify the voice of your own innate wisdom. 

Is The Beauty Way For You?

Over the last many years, the rift between body and mind has only intensified. Western medical systems continue to treat each part of us as if it did not combine to make a whole. We have been conditioned to identify "as" words that are deemed "illness" or "disease." 

Whether you have or are currently struggling with addiction to drugs, drinking, food, technology, prescription medications, or something else that wields too much control in your life, we welcome you. Without judgment and with unconditional love, we welcome you.

By choosing The Beauty Way, you are open to releasing the perception of life as "I am an alcoholic" or "I am depressed." You are willing to step away from this focus on the problem and instead, start to focus on your desired solution. You are available to release judgment and instead, embrace and unconditionally love the full expression of your human experience.  

Here is what we'll be studying each week:

  • Session 1 (10/10/23) - Making The Commitment: Initiating The Journey Within 
  • Session 2 (10/17/23) - Balanced Living: Navigating The Middle Path
  • Session 3 (10/31/23) - The Power of Purification: Becoming Nobody 
  • Session 4 (11/7/23) - Embody Your Truth: Transforming Reality  (Guest Speaker)
  • Session 5 (11/14/23) - A New Paradigm: Surrendering to Trust 
  • Session 6 (11/28/23) - Humility: Embracing Grace within Uncertainty (Guest Speaker)
  • Session 7 (12/5/23) - Pathways to Conscious Living: Experience, Expression, & Service
  • Session 8 (12/12/23) - Attention and Intention: Practical Tools for Positive Living  
  • Session 9 (1/2/24) - Lifelong Contentment: The Process Begins

One of the most sacred paths we can walk in our lifetime is the path home to our true Self. Together, we will walk away from extremes, toward balance and integration of and with this Self. There is no promise for this to be an easy process. But there is a promise to hold and to be held by each other and by ourselves.  

Click here to join our next session of The Beauty Way, beginning October 10, 2023. 

For those interested in our weekly, ongoing Healing Circle meetings, click here.

Meet Your Guides

The SriPonya Collective brings together heart-centered activists who desire a paradigm shift based on unconditional love and forgiveness and the honoring of each individual's own natural rhythm and expression. We do this through engaging in collaborative projects that honor diversity and inclusivity, getting honest with ourselves, engaging in recovery communities that heal together, and by being willing to try new ways of being

Hello! We are Jennifer Eales and Greg Mead. We created SriPonya in 2019 with the hope of building a collective of like-minded souls who believe in the community approach to spiritual growth and healing. We tapped into our own paths of transformation in the midst of our individual suffering. From this darkness, which we share more about in the above video, we found a portal into the light. In addition to the wisdom traditions mentioned above, we found healing in:

  • The lives of Christ & Mary Magdalene (sacrifice & forgiveness)

  • Radha & Krishna (unconditional love)

  • The Tao Te Ching (the way)

  • Tantra (transcendental meditation)

  • and more.

With a cumulative 30 years of sobriety, we felt the call to bring the community an offering to help heal wounds that are deeper than surface level. As facilitators of The Beauty Way, we aim to create and hold space where masks are safe to come off, vulnerability is embraced, and solutions arise spontaneously within ourselves, our group, and our lives.

Put Down What Owns You

Are you ready to unlock your unique connection to the higher power that lies within? If you're interested in applying this type of alchemy to your life, join us.

By signing up for The Beauty Way, you’ll get access to our:

  • 9-Week Immersive Online Course
  • Weekly Healing Groups
  • In-Person Events in Central Oregon
  • Guest Speakers and Teachers 
  • Virtual Community Events via Zoom 

CLICK HERE to join our next cohort of The Beauty Way, beginning October 10, 2023. We currently offer this program for $222.00. This includes four months access to our weekly online Healing Circle meetings.

For those interested in joining The Healing Circle, CLICK HERE for a free month. Ongoing membership is available for $11/month.

If you feel called to join us on your path to transformation and healing, we welcome you. With each step, we promise to respect and adopt the most powerful elements from both contemporary and wisdom traditions, while guiding you deeper into your true self...

That’s The Beauty Way.